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Collect and Battle to Earn!

Play-To-Earn Features

Crystal Kingdoms Is A Fantasy RPG Metaverse That Combines Gaming With Digital Collectibles

Inspired by our favorite RPGs / MMORPGs growing up, our mission is to build an incredible game that will enhance the lives of millions of people. Whether you enjoy gaming or earning, Crystal Kingdoms will have something to offer you!


Save the Kingdom

The Crystal heroes need your help to save the Kingdom! They have all been frozen in Crystals of Time, stopping them in their fight against the Ancients!

By minting a Crystal of Time, you will gain access to releasing one hero back into the Kingdom. Heroes can be fused to increase their power and earning potential!

Crystals will be limited to just 4000, and once they’re sold out, there will never be any new Crystals introduced. Each Crystal also comes with a plot of land that will be distributed to the original minter when land play is ready to go live!

If you prefer to mint only a hero and do not want a land plot, or if all Crystals have been minted already, you can also mint a hero directly with BNB or CKG/SCS. Heroes will be released in different waves and each generation of hero will have new features, animations and powers! Generally, we will release 5,000-10,000 heroes at a time before new ones are available to mint.

There will be both normal and first edition Crystals/heroes. If you mint a Crystal, you will have a 5% chance of minting a first edition. If you mint a hero, you will have a 2% chance of minting a first edition. These first editions will be much more scarce and valuable than the others!

Token Distribution


How can I get started?

To be able to play our P2E game, you will need a minimum of 1 hero. You can visit our minting page by clicking on the ‘Heroes’ menu option at the top of the page. You will be able to mint a hero with either BNB or our two tokens, SCS and CKG. There is a guide on how to mint in our whitepaper, which can also be found in the menu at the top of the page. It is also recommended that you join our Discord and Telegram channels to stay up to date and to get to know the community!

I’m excited about getting a plot of land, but when will I get it and what will it be used for?

There is no set date for the release of the Crystal Kingdoms Nation, we’re shooting for Q1 in 2022, but as we get closer to development and release, the community will be given detailed updates on what to expect! Land plots will be used to give sanctuary to your heroes. They will be able to recover much quicker, allowing them to fight more often and level up faster. Your heroes will be able to produce supplies for in-game use or for selling on the marketplace. We also plan to implement service features that you can offer to other players. This will allow you to earn passive income with your land. Staking and burn features will also be introduced with land plots. We will continue to develop new ideas for the Crystal Kingdoms Nation as we make progress on the game!

Will scholarships be available?

Yes! Scholarships are a huge part of play2earn gaming that very few games are implementing. We love the idea of people being able to earn an income from playing video games and by helping others along the way. This feature won’t be released initially, but we do have some great ideas and plan to implement this in Q1 of 2022!

Is Crystal Kingdoms using an Oracle?

We will be using an Oracle system for our rewards, minting, and fusing functions. All three functions will be set to a specific USD amount that the Oracle system will constantly be matching. More information and our contract addresses can be found in the Oracle section in our whitepaper.

What is the future of Crystal Kingdoms?

Crystal Kingdoms will release multiple versions of games that will all co-exist and rely on each other. Our two tokens, SCS and CKG, will be used in all of our games which will create a strong ecosystem as well as allow us to create proper burn measures for each token. The first game will be a 3D board style game where players can battle and earn. Future games will include arcade style games, dungeon crawler style games, entire MMORPGs, and more!

How do I buy SCS and CKG?

SCS and CKG can be purchased on PancakeSwap or PooCoin. We have a detailed guide on how to purchase our tokens in our whitepaper!

Will both tokens be given as rewards?

Yes! Both SCS and CKG will be given as rewards for successful gameplay. SCS is an unlimited cap token and CKG is a 5m max supply token. The rewards are controlled by an Oracle system so as the token prices fluctuate, the amount of tokens rewarded will also fluctuate.

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